The Exceptional Floor Coating for Any Application

If you're looking to upgrade the floor in your garage, basement or patio with a durable and gorgeous option, or would like a walkway, driveway or pool deck that won't lose it's luster while withstanding all manner of spills, constant sunlight and extensive use, then look to Up Armor Coatings. In as little as just one day, our certified team can apply our durable coating to your concrete floor or any other area of your home.

Using a host of vinyl color chip options, your floor can be customized for whatever your vision may be. Engineered for safety, our slip resistant floors can be further customized to increase texture for even more added safety or we can smooth everything out to make clean up a breeze.

If you are wondering exactly how our garage floor coating can provide all these benefits, it's because of an innovative design that consists of three layers:

  • Polyurea base coat - This first layer provides both the base color and forms strong bonds with the concrete, preventing peeling even under hot tires or other forms of drastic temperature change.
  • Decorative color flakes - These vinyl chips are spread over the base coat and embed in the floor, creating an attractive mosaic that is sure to impress guests.
  • Polyurea topcoat - This final coating is the armor that protects your garage floor from normal wear and tear. Unlike an epoxy coating, polyurea is flexible while remaining highly resistant to wear and tear, such as scuff marks and other abrasions. It also resists damage from chemicals and UV rays, keeping your floor looking new.