Meticulous Preparation & Precise Application Are Key to the Longevity & Beauty of Our Floors

At Up Armor Coatings, we pride ourselves on what our chosen name implies both in our products but also in the methods by which they are installed. The industry leading polyurea composition of our floors isn't the only reason why it lasts so long and looks so great. The real key is in the meticulous preparation and expert application. By following a strict process, we ensure that our products properly bond to the floor and remain free of scuffs and scratches for decades to come.

Step 1 - Surface Preparation

To ensure a proper bond, the concrete floor must first be thoroughly prepared. Diamond grinders are used with integrated vacuum systems to ensure a flat surface that is free of dust and debris and ready for a new look.

Step 2 - Concrete Repair

A floor is only as strong as it's foundation and one of the greatest features of our concrete coating process is that we can essentially repair an old, cracked concrete slab. That's because we use unique menders and fillers to repair both cracks and spalling in the existing floor before we ever apply any coating.

Step 3 - Basecoat

The first coat of self-priming polyurea is now applied. This pigmented coat serves to both bond securely to the floor while providing a color base for the final look. This ensures your floor won't ever peel up, even if it is exposed to intense pressure/suction, drastic temperature changes, or even corrosive chemicals.

Step 4 - Color Chip Broadcasting

Immediately after the basecoat is applied, we scatter your choice of colored vinyl chips across the floor by hand. This serves to provide texture to the floor while creating a gorgeous mosaic.

Step 5 - Chip Scraping & Clean Up

To ensure the removal of any imperfections, we scrape off the loose flakes after the basecoat has cured and give the whole floor another inspection. Afterwards, we vacuum the floor to prepare it for the final coat.

Step 6 - Top Coat

This final clear layer of polyurea serves as armor to protect the floor against natural wear and tear, such as scuffs, sharp impacts, and chemical spills. Once this layer has been applied, it is fully cured and ready for minor foot traffic within 4-6 hours and can return to full use within a day.

To learn more about how our concrete floor paint is applied and how it can help protect your floor or paved area, contact Up Armor Coatings today.